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Each quarter we produce ‘News & Views’ – a publication which provides our views on the investment landscape and wealth planning ideas. With contributions from experts across Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, we include our market outlook, a summary of our current investment strategy, favoured stocks and sectors and really useful personal finance tips.

In this edition, in the wake of Brexit, we comment on the investment implications – the most unprecedented event in our country’s history, as we continue to monitor developments closely. We also illustrate below some other examples of this quarter’s content – please click here to read the publication in full.
Breaking up is hard to do: Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s post-Brexit perspective:

Without question, the next few years will pose more questions and challenges. However, as George Osborne commented, the UK economy is now significantly more resilient than five years ago and we must now embrace the outcome of the referendum.

With Britain having voted to take a leap into the unknown, this summer’s edition begins with Nigel Cuming, our Chief Investment Officer, providing a full assessment of the potential economic impact of Brexit – along with our alternative investment strategy and positioning.

Have you thought about how you are positioned for the post-Brexit years? Why not watch this video, in which our CEO, David Esfandi, voices our house view on the investment landscape, illustrating how we plan on making the most of the silver linings to the Brexit cloud.

Our view on the investment landscape – the main highlights

Going global – expanding your investment universe: What are the benefits of investing in global equities?

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, equity investors need to think globally if they want to buy the best companies. Marc Pullen, Senior Equity Analyst, compares the top-down investor versus the bottom-up investor strategy. Which approach do you take to equity investing?

Value trap or opportunity?

Patrick Thomas, Investment Manager, investigates whether famous author Mark Twain was right and whether ‘reports of the death of value investing have been much exaggerated’. Is this unfashionable notion back in Vogue?

Financial planning highlights

Taking care of care home costs.

Our specialist wealth planner, Nero Patel, tackles the sensitive matter of ensuring that, should the need arise, you or your loved one has a sufficient financial plan in place to cover residential care home fees.

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